Cruises sail from the wharf on Dvořákovo nábřeží (app. 100 metres underneath the hospital Na Františku). All our boat trips will show you the historical centre of Prague, with the opportunity to have lunch or dinner on board (or just a drink or coffee), while admiring the sights of Prague from a different perspective, which will be a welcome change from the usual trips leading you through the overcrowded streets in the centre of the town.

In particular, our evening cruises are magical and very popular, so we recommend you plan them well in advance (especially group outings).

If you wish, it is possible (especially for groups) to arrange pick up by our small buses from your hotel to the boat. After the cruise, the bus takes you back.

During your cruise, you will see many interesting sights, churches, palaces and modern secession and cubist buildings, which make Prague a true jewel among world capitals. You can find them all here.

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