Czech Boats – cruises on the river Vltava

Welcome to web pages of CZECHBOATS, s.r.o., a company providing cruises on two big boats: Czech Boat and Classic Boat, and on small river boats.

We will be happy if you accept our offer to spend some time on board of one of our boats during our cruises on The Vltava, as well as on a walking tour in the centre of Prague.

You can choose from several regular cruises or take advantage of renting the whole boat in order to arrange private or company outings.

Small river boats

We can offer you accommodation on small river boats, which can be navigated by everyone, even without a driving licence and/or experience! During your testing trip, we will explain everything to you in detail, doing away with any possible fears or uncertainties. You will see for yourself that it is easy and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Classic River


Both our big boats - Czech Boat and Classic River – are air-conditioned in summer, while in winter they are heated, with dining facilities, offering you the opportunity to be seated on the sunny deck if the weather is good.

The boats are equipped with a bar (including service), with the possibility of providing banquet meals, both cold and hot.

Classic River
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