Small River Boats

Imagine being the captain on one of our houseboats and discover the beauty of the river Vltava and Elbe.

We can offer you accommodation on a houseboat or a small boat, which can now be navigated by everyone, even without a driving licence and/or experience! During your testing trip, we will explain everything to you, doing away with any fears or uncertainties. You will see for yourself: it is easy and there is nothing to be afraid of.

Our river boats are anchored at the very heart of Prague. The harbour is situated near Prague Castle, which you can reach easily from the airport, your hotel or any other place. On request, we can offer you transport from wherever you are in The Czech Republic.

Our small boats are an ideal and original way to spend your holiday or just a weekend with your family, friends or colleagues. For your inspiration, you can have a look at our tips on trips.

Let your dream come true and contact us!

Our river boats are waiting for you!

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